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Call Today:   916.605.0349 Free Estimate
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Tree Removal

We remove any unsightly or dangerous trees from your space in the quickest and safest way possible. Our tree removal services include a full removal, hole filling, and clearing of any leftover bark or leaves from the site.

Image of a man using a chainsaw to remove a tree.

Emergency Tree Removal

In the event of a possible dangerous fallen tree, our trained crew is prepared to remove it as fast as quickly as possible. We are ready at any moment to help you get out of a dangerous situation as much as we can.

Image of a bright orange sign placed in the middle of the road that says "TREE WORK AHEAD".

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be more than an eye sore. Leftover stumps can rot, infesting your space with fungi and attracting possibly dangerous pests. To prevent this, we assess your space and choose between either a full stump removal or a partial tree stump grinding.

Image of a tree stump.

Pruning & Trimming

We provide both pruning and trimming services. Yes, they’re actually different! We can determine which one you need and work accordingly. We also extend these services to aesthetic trimming for bushes and shrubs, so that your space can be safe and look great.

Image of someone using garden sheers to trim a bush.

Let’s get started on this project together.

To set up a consultation or tree care appointment, give us a call or fill out our contact form. Give us a brief description of what you need so we can provide you with the best service.

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